How to Close Your Mortgage Quicker

So you have a home in mind you’d like to buy and you want to get your family into it as soon as possible. The mortgage application process alone can take 30 days or more, and the biggest factor in how speedy this process is comes down to you.

Prior to starting the mortgage application process, make sure you fully understand the requirements and needed information. Get them ready. Your lender will want to help you get your loan in a timely manner, but in order for this to happen, you must be fully prepared to handle everything that is requested of you. There will be documents you’ll have to sign, supporting documentation you’ll need to provide, and certain conditions you’ll have to meet. What is required of you often depends on your situation; however the primary point here is for you to stay on top of what is expected of you. The sooner you provide the proper information, sign your paperwork, and prove that all conditions are met, the quicker your loan application will be approved.

Beyond the paperwork, conditions, and signatures you’ll need to provide, make sure to return all calls from your lender and attorney in a timely manner and to schedule your appraisal as soon as the appraiser is available. There are no special short cuts to this process outside of being prepared and quickly providing all that is requested. If you work diligently and prioritize meeting all requirements for your loan, you will help the process to work as quickly as possible and you will be able to speed up the mortgage application process.

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