Family Survival Guide for August Homebuyers

Planning for family is a lot like planning to buy a home. The moment sneaks up on you. Despite months of planning, the right house becomes available that’s perfect for the family, the wallet and your needs. But finding that perfect home in August brings one additional complication to your perfect home buying scenario: school. While such moves won’t turn your younger children’s world into complete turmoil, older children not only have to adjust to a new room but potentially a new school, new friends, new teachers, more homework and, yes, angst. When the perfect home is available, you should get ready to buy… even if it is in August. Yet, we have a few recommendations on how to make the new home transition better for your family.

1)   Take a few days off. Let your boss, coworkers, associates and partners know that you will need some flexibility to help adjust to the transition along with packing and moving all those goods.

2)   Cash in on playdate requests. Time for signing papers, getting insurance settled, getting the loans cleared and possibly selling your old home means that you’re going to need to be available for boring adult time. Kids will not be appreciated. Or, use those playdate requests to allow yourself to pack more without the children.

3)   Ensure that your school knows that they might have new students. This isn’t a difficult request but doing this early makes all the difference since schools like to know who’s coming when the doors open.

4)   Get a fix on how the kids will get to school. Go through the paces a few days early with younger children and walk with older kids too, they’ll be facing a lot of changes too and might enjoy the alone time.

5)   Let your kids’ creativity shine. Introduce them to their room, talk to them about what colors they may want to see there and if there’s painting to be done, get their rooms painted before moving day. It’s their’s to celebrate, let them choose how they envision their new room.

6)   Utilities. Yes, you need power for lights, the fridge as well as Internet coverage (especially with older kids) and places to recharge. Realtors often offer packets of how to turn on these items quickly. Also, place a smaller box out in the open for all the rechargers that you might have. After a long day of moving, having those items available quickly is a smart way to calm an angry gadget lover.

7)   Talk to your children. Your emotions will probably be overwhelmed by all the changes and the same goes for your children. Talk to them about their hopes, fears and how you might be able to better transition them to their new environment.

8)   Keep a family calendar. With older kids, this is essential to ensure you’ve agreed to take them to their tasks. For younger kids, this helps them understand what they’re going to do with less surprise.

9)   Have a party. Order a cake and celebrate the first night you’ll spend at home. If you’re close to your old home, see if their old friends will come over to enjoy cake too. Change tastes better with something sweet, especially with old friends. If you can’t have them over, you can always Skype or iChat with them remotely to let them know that you’ve safely landed. August is a great time to buy your perfect home, as long as you plan for and build the right expectations.

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