Buying a Home in August: Moving to a New School District with Your Children

Buying a home in a new area in August can be quite the scramble when you have school-age children, even when you’ve had the time to plan for months in advance and have contacted the district to make sure they’ll be expecting your children. Making such a move is even harder if you find the home you’ve been looking for at the last minute, shortly before the start of the coming school year. Not only will you have to deal with closing on the new home, moving, and any additional work needed to set up the new home the way you want it; you will also have to rush and contact the school district to prepare your children for their new school.

The ideal situation for any move, especially one that entails preparing your children for the jarring transition of a new school environment, is one that is planned well in advance. Like most things in life, you can’t always have the best scenario for a move. Sometimes the home you’re looking for just isn’t available until an inconvenient time, and if you don’t want to miss out you will have to seize the moment and go for it. The fortunate aspect of finding a home in August is that you’ve found the home of your dreams at an affordable price. Unfortunately, doing so means that now you have to pack up and move in an abrupt manner. If you have children in school you will have to quickly set them up for success in their new district.

Children often have a hard time adjusting to abrupt and large life-impacting changes, so keep in mind that quickly moving in August to a new school district can come with a host of emotional issues that could affect your child. Younger children may have an easier time dealing with this transition as they’re less settled in their school life and environment, but an older child will be leaving their friends behind if the move is a significant distance, and they will otherwise be leaving the comfort of a school and home environment they have grown to know. When you decide to move in August and have a child in school, not only will you have to handle all that the move entails including arranging for schooling, you will also have to be sensitive and understanding towards your child’s feelings in order for the move to go as smoothly as possible. However, if the new home and area are truly better than what you’re leaving behind, with understanding and effort your move will be successful, and will have a very positive outcome for your whole family.

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